New cholesterol guidelines and questions about drug company influence

New cholesterol and heart disease guidelines are about to come out for the first time in several years. Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll investigate the controversy over past national guidelines which, we learned after the fact, were written by a lot of doctors compensated by the makers of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. As it happens, the guidelines basically say millions more Americans should take statins. Some researchers argue there’s a serious conflict of interest there– and in the writing of other national health guidelines. We’ll dig into the Statin Wars.

Brazilians have elected a new President– some call him Brazil’s version of Donald Trump. Jonathan Elias reports from Brazil on why a nation in crisis is taking a right political turn.

Lisa Fletcher looks at greyhound racing which may be on its last legs in Florida depending on a vote Tuesday. Critics say the sport is cruel to the animals, which can be injured or mistreated. Supporters say it provides a livelihood of thousands of Floridians.

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