Nikki Goeser mentioned on Pat Gray Unleashed to push back on gun control

Pat Gray, the host for the Pat Gray Unleashed, played the cut of Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) during the House Judiciary Committee Gun Legislation Markup Hearing. Congressman Massie mentioned the story of Nikki Goeser, his former staffer and CPRC’s Executive Director, to slam Democrats’ gun control legislation.

Thomas Massie: … Each and every one of these gun control bills in the single title is unserious and unconstitutional and suffers from the problem, the inherent problem that almost all gun control suffers from. That is, criminals do not obey the law. They do not follow the law. Who here today thinks that criminals are going to read the safe storage act? That a gang member is going to say I should lock this gun up? Who thinks a 19-year-old criminal is going to obey the restriction on age? Nobody here believes this. These are unserious, but they’re worse than that. They’re going to compromise the rights and safety of individual citizens, law-abiding citizens.

Let me tell you a story of Nikki Goeser who is testified. She watched her husband murdered in front of her viciously in a gun-free zone while her licensed firearm was in her car outside of the restaurant. That haunts her today. Ben and Nikki had just recently been married and they just wanted to follow the law in the restaurant. And he was murdered by her stalker in front of her. She went on to get the laws changed in Tennessee to get rid of the gun-free zone. That is one example of how the rest of these are going to fail. Criminals do not follow the law…

(Monday, June 6, 2022)

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