“NO SHOES, NO MASK — NO SERVICE?!?!?” – Part 1– NOT LEGAL! The Healthy American, Peggy Hall

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Don’t fall for it folks! No such thing as no shoes no mask no service! Californians are protected by California Civil Code 51, which protects you against harassment and discrimination due to your medical condition.

The misinformed administrative officer of Kern County, Ryan Alsop, just gave a press conference which was extremely misguided. He is encouraging businesses to engage in harassment and intimidation to refuse service to someone who doesn’t wear a mask. This is a criminal and fraudulent action, because you and I are protected against discrimination and we have free and equal access to any business establishment of any kind whatsoever. Read those words again. Any business establishment what so ever… Does not matter if it’s private does not matter if it’s a club does not matter what so ever.

Further you do not need to disclose your medical condition.

Shall we let Kern county know our feelings?? Here you go:

Call the county office 1-661-868-3198. Leave your comments and asked to be connected to the county attorney, Margo Raison.

Then email these individuals if you would:


Let them know that they have no legal right to encourage businesses to engage in harassment and intimidation of persons in California, who are protected by civil code 51 we are by we have free and equal access to any business establishment of any kind whatsoever and cannot be discriminated against because of a medical condition, which does not need to be disclosed.

Any attempt at harassment or intimidation or refusal of service is going to result in law enforcement being called. And we already know that sheriffs are not going to enforce this because there is no law to enforce.

Here is the link to the LEGAL STATUTE and FLYERS you can hand out: https://www.thehealthyamerican.org/print-outs

Violation of this law is a criminal offense and makes is VERY EASY to sue these companies.

You might be able to “retire” sooner than you think with a nice fat settlement from one of these companies in violation of the L-A-W.

Will you do it? Will you take action? Better than complaining is doing something about it.

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ3gVJIqIzE

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