Obama Warns Tech Firms Fueling Wealth Inequality, Fears Polarization Could Lead To Social Unrest


Tech has huge censorship and discrimination issues, but the source of the growing inequality is our Fed driven financialized system. Those close to the central banks cash in. Those who have no assets and/or live in the hinterlands miss the boat.

From Zerohedge

The extreme polarization of the left and right, along with structural issues created by technology is fueling wealth inequality and leading to the further demise of the middle class. Most of the middle class will blame the other political party, though their understanding of how the Federal Reserve is behind their economic malfeasance will never be known.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/11/obama-warns-tech-firms-fueling-wealth-inequality-fears-polarization-could-lead-to-social-unrest/

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