Official Candidate Statement


Congress and the Biden Administration have failed the American people. Their reckless spending and policies have caused record inflation and harmed our economy.

I’m running for Congress to stop the wasteful spending, defend our Constitution, protect our freedoms and make our government accountable to the people.

As your Representative I will work to cut debt; secure the border; reduce taxes; hold criminals accountable and put parents in charge of their child’s education.

I know how to get things done. I wrote groundbreaking new laws on freedom of speech, privacy, and protections for sexual assault victims. I passed significant school choice legislation. I co-sponsored bills to increase fire protection and manage our forests.

I’m a reformer who declined a pay raise granted to Legislators and I decline $40,000 annually in extra income other lawmakers collect. I introduced the bill to end special perks for politicians.

My experience includes serving as Deputy Attorney General representing you against violent criminals; defending the Constitution in court; and prosecuting a Chinese company for intellectual property theft.

I am endorsed by over 50 fiscally conservative local elected officials – they know my record. I grew up in this district. It’s my home. And as your Representative I will fight to protect our quality of life.

I’ll never give up the fight for the founding principles that make America the greatest country in the world – freedom, justice, individual responsibility and a limited government that truly represents the people.

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