Old Drug War Habits Die Hard: Massive marijuana shipment confiscated by NYPD is legal hemp


What looked initially to be a big score for the police wasn’t. But that didn’t stop them from throwing a business owner’s life into chaos.

(From The New York Post)

The NYPD crowed that it confiscated a 106-pound marijuana shipment, but the owner of the company the flora was bound for says the greenery was no more than hemp containing legal CBD for use by cancer sufferers — and he’s got the papers to prove it.

Oren Levy, who sells hemp wholesale through his company GreenAngels CBD, claims that a “gung-ho” Fedex driver took it upon himself to report the shipment to the 75th Precinct when it arrived in Brooklyn — despite the fact that the cargo had all the necessary documentation to prove it was legal.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/11/old-drug-war-habits-die-hard-massive-marijuana-shipment-confiscated-by-nypd-is-legal-hemp/

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