On Sinclair Broadcasting: Armed civilians have stopped several would-be mass shootings, crime researcher says

At Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana Sunday, an armed civilian was able to intervene just moments after a deadly shooting broke out, saving lives. Despite mainstream media reports claiming this was a statistically unusual event, Dr. John Lott cites research indicating that incidents like this happen more often than people realize. . . .

“In the last year, there have been 10 of these — what police say would have been mass public shootings — that would have been worse if not for the presence of somebody legally carrying a gun. Since the beginning of 2020, you have 23 of these instances that have been stopped,” Lott said. “They rarely get national attention.”

This is shown on many of Sinclair Broadcasting 618 English language stations across the country such as KATV (Little Rock, Arkansas), KMPH (Fresno, California), and WSBT (Mishawaka, Indiana).

Sinclair Broadcasting Network, Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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