One Victim Killed, Attacker Dead In Mass Stabbing Attack In Central Paris


At least one person is dead and eight others injured during a mass-stabbing at the Place de l’Opéra in central Paris.

Police have confirmed the attack is dead…

Footage from the scene shows people running in panic and a body covered in blood.

CNN affiliate BFM-TV said there is no known motivation for the attack at this time.

Disturbing footage purportedly filmed from the window of Hotel Louvre Marsollier on Rue Marsollier, where the attack took place, was posted by Carol Drummond on Twitter.

It showed people running through the streets in a panic, as a body lays on a crosswalk in the street. Drummond has since deleted the video.

Presumably, Paris will shortly follow London’s lead and ban knives too. Original source:

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