Our Time Has Come: Liberland Diplomatic Event in London, July 2018


Jeff Berwick addresses the Liberland diplomatic event in London. Topics include: the creation of a truly free land, central banks have destroyed much of the world, Liberland symbolic of a shift of human consciousness, this freedom movement cannot be stopped, massive support for Liberland, the age of war is over, an invitation to join Liberland in changing the world. More about Liberland: https://liberland.org/en/about Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico Anarchapulco 2019 tickets now available at: http://anarchapulco.com Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter here: https://dollarvigilante.com/takecharge Facebook: https://fb.com/DollarVigilante
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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIRuDVsqOLM

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