Our Worry About Bernie’s Program


The core socialist idea is that the government employees work selflessly for the public while private interests work for themselves. In reality, elected officials want campaign contributions from private interests and other public officials want many things that private interests can give.

It thus becomes relatively easy for private interests to capture government and use its power to create monopolies that harm the public. This is the essence of crony capitalism, private-public partnerships that enrich special interests while impoverishing everyone else.

Our worry is that Bernie’s program ignores this reality and will make crony capitalism worse, not better, and further impoverish the middle class and the poor. In our view, it is better for the government not to run the economy, but instead stay out of it while setting and enforcing laws that prevent monopoly. Government should be the umpire, not a player.


Click here for a sample of Where Bernie Went Wrong by Hunter Lewis.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/02/our-worry-about-bernies-program/

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