Panel Deals Major Blow to Trump’s Signature Civil Service Reform, Calls for Rehiring of Low Performing Fired Workers



It is almost impossible to be fired from a federal job even WITH these new reforms. But now it looks like things are reverting to the way they were in Fed land prior to 2018.

(From Government Executive)

The Federal Labor Relations Authority decision in part unwinds VA’s implementation of the 2017 VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, a law that made it easier to fire employees. President Trump has repeatedly highlighted the act as one of the key legislative accomplishments of his term. FLRA upheld a 2018 arbitrator’s ruling, which found VA violated its collective bargaining agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees when it eliminated “performance improvement plans” from the pre-disciplinary process. Monday’s decision requires VA to reinstate all employees fired without first being provided such a plan.

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