Most of them censuriamo, the more they grow


Yesterday there was a demonstration in Bologna, thousands of parents, grandparents and children took to the streets to protest. They were a huge crowd as you can see from the photographs: they had something to say, but no tv news or newspaper the national has aired the images. Ignored and stop.

Under the cone of shadow, in the years 2016-18, it always ends up, and only every objection relates to the topic of vaccines.

The doctors who had asked for studies on the burden of vaccination were reported in the Order; someone even with the proceedings of radiation in the course for making public comments based on its own clinical experience. We repeat: the request of radiation for criticizing the vaccines, and not for their hurt – or split the bones for the purpose of this non – profit to patients. According to the logic of cowhocks (one of the plagues of our time) even the Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier becomes unreliable when invites to vaccinate with caution.

To the eye, and the cross, yesterday, went out on the streets 10 thousand people (5 thousand according to the police). They disputed the obligation of the 10 vaccines exclusive of Italian children (and recently French) and the superficial information, “on slogans”, the one that label the non-vaccinated as “not compliant”, and calls on the population to discriminate between them, “in classes such as birthday parties”. The one that uses the excuse that 10 thousand immunosuppressed protect vaccinating 16milioni among children and young people (0-16 years). Forgetting that “the health of an immunedepressed, not dependent on others ‘ vaccination” (Giorgia Scataggia, 28 years old, immunodepressa) and that anyone can transmit viruses and bacteria to a immunedepressed (see the 7 deaths of hospital infections per year) without inconveniencing the 10 diseases.

But also the one who does not want to discuss the investigation ondepleted Uranium created to investigate the reasons of the diseases of the military and has shown the great responsibility of the vaccination series. Click here.

Or the one who denies that are damaged by the vaccination, the deaths, the compensation, the suffering, “the serious cases and not yet healed,” reported in the reports Aifa.

In short, in the 10 thousand against the (non -) logic of cowhocks.

Here is the video of the event. Speak to parents, doctors, clerks, teachers. All the items that you have never heard.
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