Police Officer Who “Threw Herself From Her Horse” Has Collapsed Lung, Broken Collarbone, Shattered Ribs


Police Officer Who “Threw Herself From Her Horse” Has Collapsed Lung, Broken Collarbone, Shattered Ribs
Tyler Durden
Mon, 06/08/2020 – 09:24

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

A police officer in London has suffered serious injuries after her horse bolted when black lives matter protesters started throwing bikes and other projectiles toward the animal. Nevertheless, the media and leftists have claimed that the officer ‘knocked herself’ from the horse.

Video of the incident in Central London this past weekend shows the horse becoming agitated, and the officer trying to control the animal, but failing as it runs the officer straight into a traffic light, violently throwing her off and knocking her unconscious.

The footage clearly shows ‘protesters’ throwing things at the animals, including heavy public London bikes:

This photo shows a ‘protester’ deliberately shoving a bike at the horses:

Here the projectiles and bikes can be seen scattered all over the ground:

Photo by Luke Dray/Getty Images

Despite it being obvious what caused the animal to become spooked, the BBC reported that “the officer knocked herself off her horse”, while showing a poor angle of the incident, and only the aftermath:

On their website, the BBC merely noted that the horse bolted, not that rioters were pelting it with projectiles:

It was a common thread in the state broadcaster’s coverage of the entire weekend, as it claimed protesters were ‘largely peaceful’ despite multiple incidents of violence and full on attacks on police.

CNN blamed the horse for causing ‘havoc’:

The horse made it’s own way home (‘screw you guys, I’m going home’):

However, the officer is severely injured, with a collapsed lung, broken collarbone and shattered ribs, according to reports.

The Metropolitan Police Federation said that the officer is still receiving treatment in hospital, and is likely to be off duty for four months while she recovers.

Leftists attempted to argue that the entire incident was the police officer’s own fault, despite clear images and video of thugs pelting the horse. They were led by virulent socialist virtue signaller Owen Jones:

He even called for horses to be banned:

A Guardian ‘journalist’ called for a funny meme to be made out of the footage of the officer being seriously injured:

These people are truly sick.

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