Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured: A Lifetime Price to Pay

Are vaccine injuries really “one in a million,” as governments and public health experts constantly tell us? This comprehensive look at the evidence by Children’s Health Defense, illustrated by nine real-life stories of serious vaccine injury, exposes health agencies’ soft-pedaling of vaccine risks as a dangerous lie.

For most people, the potential risks of vaccination, which include life-changing illness, family bankruptcy and even death, are invisible and almost inconceivable — until a vaccine injury happens to them. Through the poignant and riveting stories of nine injured children and adults, “Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured” by Children’s Health Defense communicates the devastating impacts of vaccine damage on health, family finances, relationships and more.

As the book’s introductory chapters show, vaccine injuries — whether from a routine childhood injection — or a travel vaccine — or a COVID-19 shot — are common, not rare. Discussing U.S. children’s poor showing in global health rankings, the book assembles compelling evidence pointing to childhood vaccination as a key “elephant in the room.”The heart of the book resides in the vaccine injury stories told by mothers of injured children and injured adults. Conveying in vivid detail what it’s like to live with conditions such as severe autism, chronic pain and immune systems gone haywire, the nine individuals also attest to the disturbing fact that “when it comes to vaccine injuries, there’s no help legally or financially — you’re on your own.” In addition, they share affecting accounts of gaslighting, a lack of answers or solutions and outright hostility from the medical community, social isolation, heavy financial burdens and interrupted careers and lives. Exposing the truth behind the vaccine safety myth, “Profiles of the Vaccine-Injured” makes vaccine injury personal and demonstrates that we ignore vaccine risks at our peril.

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