RIP Jeremy – Age 19, Vaccine Victim and Son of a Longtime Follower

Twitter, NeverGiveUp

Autism Investigated is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jeremy, a vaccine-injured teenager who suffered from autism and epilepsy. Jeremy was also the son of a longtime Twitter follower of Autism Investigated. He tragically died from a seizure on Saturday. Here is the direct message from his parents.

Please go and tweet your condolences to NeverGiveUp. His parents need all the support you can give. His tragic death reminds Autism Investigated of a similar tragedy: Elias Tembenis, son of longtime reader Harry Tembenis. Elias’ death was actually an acknowledged result of vaccination by the infamous vaccine court. And last year, Autism Investigated mourned the death of Colton Berrett who was left permanently disabled by the HPV vaccine.

Jeremy’s death is a dire warning that just because vaccines won’t kill a person during the initial injury, doesn’t mean the damage done won’t kill down the road. 19 is far too young to pass away. Vaccination stole Jeremy’s life away from him, as it continues to do to countless other children no matter what the vaccine people like Meghan McCain tell you. By all means, keep talking about measles President Trump!

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