Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Vaccination Fix is Just One Giant Placebo Effect

At Yale, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he will “walk away” from your vaccine-injured kids if vaccines are tested against placebos. Forget that the government’s vaccine program (created by his uncle) covers up vaccine side-effects as he demonstrated in that same talk, which was organized to stop more mandatory vaccine laws. A saline-filled syringe will fix that entire problem. He has already wasted considerable time requesting more research from the head of a federal agency who defended the expulsion of the editor from that agency for questioning vaccine safety.

Meanwhile, medical journals run fraudulent retractions of vaccine research for no other reason but to pump vaccines. Federal courts use those statements to deny vaccine injury claims. Kennedy’s own article on the vaccine cover-up was retracted by the pro-pedophilia website. Does he seriously believe that a placebo-controlled trial is the answer? Kennedy has even signed onto the censorship by chopping an entire section of his book for a year.

Sure, it would be nice to test vaccines against placebos in the first thousand or so kids who receive the vaccine in a months-long trial. But what happens after the vaccine is approved and gets given to billions of kids indefinitely? You still have the same government programs pushing vaccines being run by the same bureaucrats. Except, now they’ll be saying that they tested vaccines against “true placebos” so they must be safe! Kennedy’s quick fix would not have a meaningful effect, just a placebo effect.

Fortunately, vaccine ideology is so extremist and the vaccine people so radical that Kennedy’s proposal will never happen. Unfortunately, we still have to hear about it from Kennedy. Meanwhile, his organization’s vice chairman lacks basic research skills and the organization’s president fabricated an excuse to duck testifying before Congress.

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