Roe v. Wade OVERTURNING? Plus Cuomo Suspended, #GunControlNow Trends – Will & Amala LIVE


0:00 – Fauci Can’t Answer This Question
3:26 – #GunControlNow Trends After Mich. HS Shooting
11:33 – Why CNN Suspended Chris Cuomo
17:34 – Is Roe v. Wade Going to Be Repealed?
37:50 – Ghislaine Maxwell Case Update
48:30 – Will & Amala’s Spotify Wrapped!

On today’s show: #GunControlNow trends on Twitter after a Michigan high school shooting, victim #1 is cross examined in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, and is Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned? Will & Amala also discuss new vax mandates and go over their 2021 Spotify Wrapped!

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Chris Cuomo getting relieved of his position at CNN

Ghislaine Maxwell Cross Examination of Victim #1 “Jane”

#GunControlNow Trending After Shooting At Michigan High School

California Reinstates Ban On “High-Capacity” Magazines

Will Roe V. Wade be overturned? Mississippi abortion bill going to supreme court.

Strictest Covid Restrictions Coming

In-N-Out Stays Based in LA

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