SCOTUS Tax Return Ruling Allows Federal Judges To Undermine Presidency


“Now we’re going to have a District Court of NY interfering with the presidency, with the endorsement of the SCOTUS,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update on the Supreme Court ‘Tax Returns’ Ruling.

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the NY District Attorney’s right, “in theory” to subpoena the president for his tax returns gave “a lifeline to this out of control prosecutor, ”Fitton states. Seeking a right to unilaterally subpoena for the president’s records, the local authority’s efforts were directed at “harassing and distracting the president,” Fitton continues. Regrettably, Fitton argues, “according to this [Supreme Court] decision he may be subject to the whims of every district attorney in the United States.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling confirms a “damaging way for partisans and well-meaning prosecutors to upend the president’s ability to do his job with ‘criminal investigations’,” Fitton states – quoting Justice Alito. The court ruling, as Fitton describes, means “your decision of president can be overrun and thwarted by a district attorney in a land far, far away from you, accountable to virtually no one practically speaking.”

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