SENATOR RAND PAUL: Vaccine Mandates A False Sense of Security

God bless Senator Rand Paul and Isaac Lindenberger, Ethan Lindenberger‘s older brother. Whatever you might say about the long, otherwise boring Senate hearing on vaccines, Rand and Isaac stole the show. Rand Paul denounced vaccine mandates as a “false sense of security” and said that vaccines were probably the only medicine without informed consent. The room descended into applause and Isaac Lindenberger, a self-avowed libertarian, stood up to applaud Senator Paul’s remarks before being promptly seated by Capitol Police.

Isaac Lindenberger, older brother of Ethan Lindenberger (seated), gives a standing ovation to Senator Paul.

Even the overall hearing wasn’t as bad as previously anticipated. Ethan Lindenberger’s testimony was completely vapid. Pocahontas kept her mouth shut about polio, that disease that afflicted her now-deceased professor who she wanted to punch in the face.

Meanwhile, Senate Committee Chair Lamar Alexander has already announced he will not run for re-election in 2020. Whoever the new chair will be, there is no doubt it should be Senator Rand Paul. He also has a greater experience than anybody on the committee with being physically attacked for his views. Autism Investigated wished him a speedy recovery so he can defend our liberties on the Senate floor. Thank goodness he’s alright, and hopefully he’ll get to keep all of his $580,00 award for damages. He deserves it.

Now watch this throwback of Senator Paul defending your liberties at the second GOP presidential debate in 2015.

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