Should we say goodbye to ethanol in our gasoline forever?

A Watercolor Illustration of a Hummer Parked Beside a Corn Field and Uncle Sam Catching a Drop of Ethanol in a Gas Can from a Large Funnel Containing a Large Amount of Corn


The farmers in Iowa, the ones who vote in the caucuses, say no.

(From TownHall)

A recent Cato Institute report by Arthur Wardle highlights the impact of expanded land use for corn — with the increased application of nitrogen fertilizer leading to runoff that contributes to the hypoxic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico and kills sea life — as evidence that “the research on the Renewable Fuels Standard is clear that it degrades the environment.” The Cato report also cites a meta-analysis, published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, of studies that modeled the life cycle greenhouse gas emission of ethanol versus gasoline and found a meager reduction of only 0.23%.

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