Sinema RESPONDS to Undercover Video Exposing She is a Fake Moderate

Jim Sharpe: Now there's something that just came out yesterday. Project Veritas which is known for using hidden cameras. SINEMA: And those guys are convicted criminals. Jim Sharpe: Well, they do go and they capture people saying things that sometimes they wouldn’t say in public, they say in private instead. The video they put out yesterday this is not great, it's Lauren Fromm which Project Veritas says is a field organizer for your campaign, here's a little bit of that video… VIDEO Jim Sharpe: Okay so first off, is Lauren Fromm part of your team and second, is she telling the truth? Are you a progressive and are you just acting moderate to get elected? SINEMA: Well I don't know who Lauren is, so I can't answer that question. Jim Sharpe: They say she's a field organizer for your campaign. SINEMA: Well let's take everything they say with a grain of salt.

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