Special Taskforce to Protect Free Speech at Australian Universities Amid Concerns of Chinese Communist Influence


The Chinese Communist Party has long sought to colonize institutions of higher learning around the world.

(From the Epoch Times)

Hamilton suggested that universities had not acted sooner because they rely on revenue from China and are influenced by Beijing’s United Front groups that exist in part to protect the CCP’s image abroad.

“Corporatisation of the tertiary sector and the extraordinary dependence of many universities on revenue from China, coupled with a sustained and highly effective influence campaign directed at senior university executives by various United Front bodies, has meant that many vice-chancellors and other senior executives have lost sight of the actual meaning of academic freedom,” he said.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/09/special-taskforce-to-protect-free-speech-at-australian-universities-amid-concerns-of-chinese-communist-influence/

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