Stockman: Get rid of nanny crimes for more peace in the cities


Is the War On Drugs a good idea? Or criminalizing gambling or prostitution off the streets? Other non-violent, non-aggressive crimes? These are not simple questions. When Mayor Giuiliani enforced laws against “squeegee men” who forced car window wipes on cars sitting at red lights, it might have seemed like a minor matter, but it was symbolically important in reclaiming the streets of New York City at the time.


But as we demonstrate below, there is an elevated and unnecessary level of friction between the police and citizens in the nation’s urban centers. The latter is overwhelmingly caused by and exacerbated by the War on Drugs and the criminalization of related social behaviors such as gambling, prostitution etc. that can be solved by repeal of bad laws, not costly and counter-productive efforts to get tough on crime; and most certainly not be sending Federal cops into cities which are wittingly or unwittingly abetting crime and riots and thereby bringing ruin upon themselves.

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