The study on the vaccine MPVR: adverse events for 4 children out of 100 (!)

During the hearings in the Senate, to discuss the new decree-law Vaccines (Ddl 770) was a bombshell. For the first time was conducted in Puglia, a study of pharmacovigilance active on only one vaccine, the anti MPVR (measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella).

So far, the serious adverse events after the vaccination were calculated by taking into consideration the spontaneous reports (called passive), doctors, parents and practitioners. With the pharmacovigilance active, instead, one observes over time a group of vaccinated children by calling their parents and registering periodically the state of health of small children.

In Puglia were recruited 1.672 children, all followed for a year. The results are evident here. The table on page 26 shows that the reports of serious adverse events related to vaccination have had an incidence of 40,69 about a thousand (it means 4 out of a hundred!). Is explained, then, that about three-quarters of these reports is DUE to vaccination.

The result was compared to the incidence observed with pharmacovigilance passive (same vaccine and same time period) equal to 0.12 thousand (one case every 12,000). Of these reports, about one-third is due to vaccination. The difference is huge: the severe cases collected for the study can exceed 339 times the reports received spontaneously.

Surprised that they have not been the authors of the study to reveal these conclusions. The survey was completed in may (it is supposed, therefore, that the local health authorities are now informed and as a consequence also the parents to which it is proposed that quadrivalente and that will sign the informed consent).

The data were leaked from the intervention exposed Health Commission by Antonio Match, the director general of the Italian movement of parents (Moige) that, in the past, it is spent for the gratuitous vaccination and for having promoted the Confederation Como of the organizations of the world against meningitis.

Here is what was exposed in parliament.

How did you hear of the study of apulian?

“I have reported parents who have always vaccinated their children. I have a constant dialogue with many Italian families, is this the sense of my intervention in parliament: to give voice to their concerns”.

There were reactions when he exposed the data of puglia? Four serious adverse events on 100 – for a vaccine – only reactions are important…

“The hearings are a time of mutual listening. I was listened to with keen interest”.

She voted against the obligation of vaccination.

“Parents do not understand why an act of health, such as that of the vaccination was influenced heavily, “if not vaccines your child, no preschool” or “you will not be able to enroll the child at the centre this summer or at one of the sport” to the absurd“, however, if you pay a substantial fine, the child from 6 years old can stay in class”. You can not make a medical and a blackmail because it – teaches us that the informed consent – any therapy, medication, or vaccination, can be included, and choice. In this case, then you touched the right to education and social life, as guaranteed by our Constitution”.

Blackmail-no, and how do you judge the awards to those who vaccinate? Among the proposals on the new ddl we have heard of the “add credits to the university” or “points to the licence”.

“The awards have conditions, such as blackmail, in addition to being morally (the message is that you can not study, or go in the car with the red, if you vaccines, anything goes!) spar with the free membership to medical treatment”.

She thinks that the rigidity contained in the law 119 has increased the number of families hesitant to vaccinate?

“I’m sure. I lend my voice not of the family which is ideologically hostile to vaccinations, but of people who, not understanding the meaning of these manners (the absence of epidemics), now doubt of the goodness of vaccinations. The doubt, that was not there before, came after these impositions. Then there was the appearance not sure of the “hunt for the child untore”, is discriminatory and untenable that threatens to frustrate all the efforts of inclusion to children carriers of communicable diseases, such as Aids and hepatitis”.

He mentioned that we have 11 laws that govern the informed consent. Only, the word “obligation” does not apply in the field of health.

“Those who signed informed consent agrees to all of the benefits but also the risks of a therapy. Without this membership you cannot proceed to any medical treatment. It is not clear why only in this case we ignore the laws of the State. In addition the role of parents in the choices health of their children as those in education is crucial.”

Then there is the aspect of the risk of a health treatment and the adverse events of vaccination.

“That’s why you can not force anyone. As with adverse events have focused attention on the need to start a pharmacovigilance active, such as the one that was made in Puglia. How safe are vaccinations, multiple? How do we know that without studies of pharmacovigilance activates the sample and constant in time? It is irresponsible to force large segments of the population (10-12 vaccinations without bothering to observe the effects. I also mentioned the study of the Signum of the military who called for the precautionary principle: no more than 5 vaccines at a time…”

Expected adverse events from vaccination are under-reported?

“The study of Puglia goes in this direction. Tells us how important it is to start a pharmacovigilance active. So far, we have based on the report of Aifa, the effect of the reports that passive, however, should not be ignored. (Click here). Attention, however, 70% of the reports come from only one region (Veneto), it is clear that we can not trust this data collection system”.

What are the proposals for the modification of the ddl that the Moige has presented?.

1.“Delete the obligation; insert recommendation for a number of vaccines to be established every three years by the superior health Council, in the light of considerations of risk both epidemiological both vaccine over that of health policy.

2. Create a pharmacovigilance system active on all vaccinations conducted by experts who do not have conflicts of interest.

3. Commitment on the part of the Ministry of health to convene every three years a national conference on vaccination open to medical doctors to analyze the prophylaxis and assess the problems. The comparison should also involve the parents, on the model of the Veneto Region.

4. The opening of pharmacies in the vaccination plan to facilitate the families.

What do you think of the fact that the doctors vaccinate against the flu only 15% as the minister has said Cricket?

“For a parent to know that about 8 doctors out of 10 do not vaccinate strengthens doubts and concerns”.

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