Suing the President


*May God bless you and your family on this somber anniversary in our nation’s history, as we remember our fallen heroes and reflect on the values that make America the greatest nation the world has ever known.

As a Legislator I sued the Governor and as Governor I wouldn’t hesitate to sue the President if necessary to protect the rights of Californians.

The Recall is a movement to return power to the people of California. I would do that by ending our State of Emergency, reversing Newsom’s draconian mandates, and unwinding his one-man rule. 

But we can’t allow executive overreach at one level of government to be replaced by executive overreach at another. As Governor, I would use all tools at my disposal, including lawsuits, to protect Californians from attacks on liberty that come from the federal government or any quarter.

At 11 AM next Tuesday, I will be voting at a local polling location. You can find your polling place here.Newsom cast his ballot yesterday, and as he did, he exhorted people to “vote no and go.” 

I have a different message: vote yes and stay. Stay involved. We all have a part to play in restoring government by the people.

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