Supreme Court Went ROGUE on Abortion! A Sad Day for the Constitution & the Rule of Law


Via Tom Fitton: A rogue Supreme Court allowed the abortion industry to set abortion policy nationally, despite the resulting risk to “women’s health.” This is another sad day for the rule of law and the Constitution. Today, by a bare majority the court violated the Constitution by changing the rules and granting the abortion industry a special veto power over laws seeking to promote and protect the health of women and their unborn children. The Supreme Court should have put a stop to the misuse of the courts by special interests that seek to overturn laws passed by the people’s representatives.

Instead, Chief Justice Roberts, in another political move, bends the rule of law to accommodate and protect the radical political position that the Constitution prevents the states from taking steps to protect innocent life. The Chief Justice has repeatedly broken his promise to be a neutral “umpire” and instead too often acts as a “politician in robes.”

As Justice Thomas writes in dissent, “today a majority of the Court perpetuates its ill-founded abortion jurisprudence by enjoining a perfectly legitimate state law and doing so without jurisdiction.” READ MORE

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