“Swamp Coolers” – DIY Simple Evaporator Air Coolers You Can Make at Home if You Don’t Have Air Conditioning

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As much of the nation is experiencing very hot temperatures here in the middle of July, there are reports that many people cannot use or do not have air conditioning, sometimes because there is a shortage of technicians and parts to fix HVAC units.

Extreme heat across the US has strained air conditioners. HVAC technicians report repairs are delayed because of a nationwide part and labor shortage.

Steve Stewart, the owner of Southern Comfort Mechanical Heating and A/C Specialists in Dallas County, Texas, told NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth that the entire HVAC industry is dealing with a shortage of all sorts of parts for HVAC systems due to lockdowns in China and bottlenecks at ports. (Full article.)

There are simple and cost effective ways to cool the air around you, however, and they are usually called “swamp coolers” or “evaporated air coolers.”

There are many videos that show one how to make these, and I have included one here that highlights 8 different types.

You do still need some power, so backup power is a very high priority when electricity is not available from the grid. At the very least, you should have some backup rechargeable batteries and some kind of solar charger that can provide at least a couple hundred watts of energy that will power a fan and other small appliances.

12 volt fans and appliances can also come in handy, as then they can be powered from your vehicle. Just make sure you have electrical cords long enough to get inside your dwelling to the place you need to cool down.

These DIY coolers also require water, so make sure you have a backup plan that includes some kind of reservoir of water.

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