"Tax The Rich" E-Girl Shows Off Her $2,000,000 Apartment: Will and Amala React


1:21 – "Tax The Rich" Girl Shows Off Her $2,000,000 Apartment
13:58 – "Experts" Recommend Americans Eat 90% Less Beef
18:12 – How to REALLY Cut Carbon Emissions
22:50 – Can You Guess Which State These Flags Are?
33:25 – Amala’s Appearance on The Rubin Report Today!
40:38 – How Can a Former Left-Winger Find New Friends After Being Redpilled?
42:55 – Do You Believe America Is a Christian Nation?
46:38 – Can You Be Pro-Life Yourself But Pro-Choice for Others?

Today, Will and Amala react to an e-girl who says "Tax The Rich" while buying a 2 million dollar apartment, the left’s call to stop eating beef, and answering your guy’s questions. Tune in, share with your friends, follow Will and Amala on social media, and we will see you next week!

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Tax the Rich E-Girl Shows Off Her $2 Million Apartment

Amala Talks Fauci Emails on the Rubin Report

Researchers Say Americans Should eat 90% Less Beef

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Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_9rV3lIJoQ

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