Tennessee Officials Wanted To Make Monthly ‘Well-Being’ Inspections of Every Child in the State

All across society the screws on everyday people are tightening. Cash is disappearing. In person voting is now under assault (In the future you can expect to be “helped” with your vote). Bailouts go to big companies while small businesses implode. These newly unemployed people then must rely on money from the government to survive. Facial scanning is widespread in cities now. Covid snitch lines exist in places like New York. Speech rights are under assault. And now the state wants to “check” on your children?

(From Reason)

A week ago, Tennessee’s Department of Education announced it was going to start conducting monthly “child well-being” assessments of every single kid under age 18 in the state…

…On home visits, the so-called “well-being liaison” would be allowed to interview the children privately.

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This article was originally posted here: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/08/tennessee-officials-wanted-to-make-monthly-well-being-inspections-of-every-child-in-the-state/.

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