Tesla and Elon Musk face dozens of lawsuits and investigations far beyond the SEC court fight


Elon Musk has played fast and loose for a long time now. He has successfully leveraged taxpayer dollars for piles of money. Much of his success has been due to excellent PR. But even excellent PR can be overwhelmed by reality.

(From CNBC)

Analysis by legal research firm Plainsite found at least 38 securities actions filed against Tesla or Elon Musk (or both) since 2010, the year the company went public. Plainsite – which founder Aaron Greenspan describes as a “legal transparency initiative” – scans public records across the US legal system to document the volume and types of litigation effecting major U.S. corporations. (Greenspan personally holds puts in Tesla today.)

Ford, a much larger company, had one such action during the same period.

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Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2019/03/tesla-and-elon-musk-face-dozens-of-lawsuits-and-investigations-far-beyond-the-sec-court-fight/

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