The Anatomy of Covid-19

Humanity is not a virus. Covid-19 is an attack on humanity. Everyone in America can test positive for Covid-19 assuming they have an immune system. What they're calling a test is not a test – its a scarlet letter. The coronavirus is the body's exosomes. These are secreted by the cells under numerous conditions. Duke-trained Doctor Andrew Kaufman explains it all in a concise 30-minute presentation. After, you hear laymen like myself ask questions. Please share, steal, reupload, monetize, condense, and spread as you see fit. You are the land's immune system. This video is everything you need to spread the word. Call out the Minutemen who will still listen. Tell them we need them now more than ever. Video Panel:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman: James True:
Rogue Ways:
Steve Mercer:
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Jason Lindgren: References from the Video: PowerPoint presentation: Photo of exosomes:
Photo of COVID-19
“Thin-section electron micrograph of 2019 novel coronavirus grown in cells at the University of Hong Kong. “Each infected cell produces thousands of new infectious virus particles, which can go on to infect new cells.” Image from John Nicholls, Leo Poon and Malik Peiris, Univ. of Hong Kong, February 3, 2020.”
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COVID-19 test:
PCR figure:
COVID-19 gene sequence:
Exosomes in Toxicology: Relevance to Chemical Exposure and Pathogenesis of Environmentally Linked Diseases
Exosomes and stress:
Exosomes and communication:
Multivesicular Endosome:
Exosomes with ACE2 receptor:
COVID-19 with ACE2 receptor:
Discovery of a Novel Coronavirus:
Identification of Novel Coronavirus:
Exosomes remove toxins:
When is a Virus an Exosome? The Journal of Cell Biology. Volume 162(6), 2003:p.960
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