The Aperture of Flat Earth


Consciousness is an aperture. Each of us chose a lens to perceive the world. None of us are more accurate than the other. We can only fathom light our mind is willing to absorb. Without this filter, we would freeze like the possum from information overload. What we fathom comfortably is what we accept in our minds. Some see more, some see less. There is no perfect lens. There is no perfect camera. Each is unique and offers a chance to see the world from a unique perspective. A place others insist must be wrong in order to strengthen their own canvas.

I illustrate how Ken Wheeler shows this difference in aperture by creating the Flat Earth model using Globalism. He describes the flat plane perfectly using magnetism and electricity, but his aperture can’t see what I do. Both of us are using our senses to build a model of the world. Both of us are honoring our system of proof.

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