The Battle for Your Mind

Join Health Freedom Advocate Tia Severino as she interviews Investigative Filmmaker, Mikki Willis. American independent filmmaker Mikki Willis is respected globally for exposing corruption at the highest levels of government, politics, education, business, and medicine. In 2005, he launched the Elevate Film Festival, a global competition that challenged filmmakers to focus on the good news and solutions of the world. The one-of-a-kind show holds the title of "The World's Largest Single Screen Film Event." Following a three year tour, the festival morphed into Elevate, a cause-driven film production company. Since then, Elevate has created hundreds of breakthrough productions, including the most viewed and banned documentary of all time, Plandemic. With well over one billion views to date, Plandemic also set a world record for the largest documentary Livestream, hosting 2 million unique viewers during the world premiere. Plandemic has been subtitled in over a dozen languages and continues to awaken the masses worldwide. Website:

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