The Bryan Hyde Show 6-11-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


It's not unusual these days to hear people all around us reveal that they are fighting depression. Hannah Cox has a fascinating article about how Harvard researchers say there's one tiny life adjustment we can make to reduce our risk of depression.

As normalcy slowly returns, it's easy to forget that destructive public health lockdowns are likely to return this coming fall and winter. Jon Miltimore explains that 15 states are moving to curb public health agency powers to avoid further carnage.

On a related note, Jeff Minnick at Intellectual Takeout has a great take on how we should proceed as individuals moving forward from the past year. He says it's time to call it quits on the pandemic and resolve to refuse to allow ourselves to be fooled and manipulated that way ever again.

There was a time when the best advice sounded something like "Go West, young man." Today, as James R. Harrigan points out, the better advice would be to go East, and quickly. California is a perfect example of how to take something that was great and run it directly into the ground.

Whoever said that the world is run by oil companies and old men wasn't that far off. Robert E. Wright has a great essay on gerontocracy and geezernomics and how aged politicians are crippling the future of those who will follow them.

Competition has led to drastic improvement in nearly every area of our lives. Josh Hendrickson asks, why do so few people see the positive side of a competitive market for money?

If you're needing something to lift your spirits, Daniel J. Mitchell may have just what you're looking for. He reminds us that, by historical standards, Americans today are fantastically wealthy. He also makes a strong case for why the free market makes this possible.


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