The Bryan Hyde Show 6-3-2021

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Revel in Wrongthink


Being informed these days means walking a fine line between useful information and fearful propaganda. Having said that, a lot of us are wondering why prices are climbing so noticeably. Peter Jacobsen has a concise and informative take on why inflation is at a 12 year high.

Dr. Fauci's recently released emails are proving skeptics like Sen. Rand Paul were right to question the narrative about official pronouncements pertaining to Covid-19. It's another powerful illustration of why as Caitlin Johnstone puts it, a truly free society would have no such thing as official narratives.

One of the best examples of American greatness can be found in our historical tradition of solving problems at the lowest possible level. Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill reviews a marvelous book about the forgotten gifts of American voluntarism and how this selfless mindset built the nation.

Where you stand politically doesn't matter nearly as much as whether you are thinking clearly and independently about what is taking place in your world. When someone else presumes to tell you what you are allowed to see, hear, read, think or question, that's a major red flag that you're being treated as a child in need of supervision. An appropriate response to such actions would look a lot like the one directed toward Facebook by the Issues & Insights editorial staff.

One of the most endearing traits of The Beverly Hillbillies was their simple common sense and unflinching honesty. Robert Weissberg notes that it's interesting that these very traits are why America's elites are terrified of hillbillies today. People who have a clear sense of right and wrong are perceived as dangerous because they cannot be easily compromised.

Be warned, this one is going to leave a mark. Judge Andrew Napolitano has an excellent essay about what taking liberty for granted has done to our society. I've been guilty of this myself but have since resolved to stand for liberty no matter the cost.


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