The Bryan Hyde Show 6-9-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


I have deep respect for the folks who can take complicated topics and distill them down to the basic principles at stake. Donald J. Boudreaux has a marvelous analogy of how the modern economy works. It's worth a read.

Exercising your free speech should be simple enough, right? Unfortunately, in our highly litigious society, defamation lawsuits are becoming a common tactic of government employees who wish to use lawfare against people who publicly complain against them. Ryan McMacken explains how these lawsuits are being used to stifle free speech.

California has definitely been one of the harshest practitioners of gun control among the states. Now a federal judge has overturned California's so-called assault weapons ban more than 32 years after it was first enacted. The judge calls the policy a "failed experiment" that violates the individual right to keep and bear arms. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Freedom is hardly a passing fad but there are plenty of would-be rulers who'd like us to think that it is. Ethan Yang explores the ancient desire for freedom among humankind and how the efforts of those who came before us have given us solid ground upon which to stand.

The U.S. government is doing a lot of things all over the world in your name and mine. Pat Buchanan asks a question that any citizen worth his or her salt should be willing to ask of their elected representatives: What is America's cause in the world? Truth be told, our nation's foreign policy doesn't seem to reflect much of anything that pertains to the American citizenry or voting public.

Do you believe in the freedom fairy? The question may sound facetious but it accurately depicts how some people view casting their vote. Jeff Thomas explains how this mindset is contributing to the decline of formerly great first world nations.

Perhaps it's just the season but there's a surprising amount of people who are simply obsessed with what others might or might not be thinking. Walter Block takes on the question of whether or not we should recognize "hate crimes" and his response is one worth considering.

Allan Stevo continues to offer some of the best advice on how to work around those businesses who've chosen to hang on to mask mandates for their customers. His latest essay lays out why it's bad to mention the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to justify your decision not to wear one.

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