The Bryan Hyde Show hour 4-1-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


One of the many hats I wear is that of an executive producer for the Moving Forward with Young Voices podcast. Today, I'm joined by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi who is the Public Relations Associate for Young Voices and an opinion columnist for the OC Register. You'll especially appreciate her insights as an Iranian-American on geopolitics.

Political correctness once seemed like no big deal, especially compared to our growing rage-driven social justice mindset. Now that movement is getting a huge financial shot in the arm with tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money in a $2 trillion "infrastructure" plan. Robert E. Wright warns that cancel culture is just the beginning of what our cultural commissars have planned for us.

Right now we seem to be teetering on the brink of either ending the pandemic lockdowns or toppling right back into even more stringent policies. The moment of choice is upon us. Ethan Yang advises that the time has come for anti-lockdown amendments to keep ambitious authorities in check.


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