The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 1-20-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


The great blessing of studying history is that it provides us with essential lessons of what works and what doesn't. The Z-man has a marvelous piece about the Lesson of Trump. The biggest takeaway: Politics has always been a big lie. A lot of folks are seeing that clearly for the first time.

If political violence isn't your thing, it might be worthwhile to explore ways to limit how people try to control one another. J.D. Tuccille suggests that we let people join with the like-minded to reject officials and laws that don’t suit them and to construct systems that do.

The so-called War on Terror (a tactic) has not been kind to our remaining freedoms. Glenn Greenwald has a timely warning about the new domestic war on terror that is about to be launched. Watching this one from the bleachers isn't going to be an option for most of us.

If Covid-19 didn't quite finish the job of creating a society of snitches, the new war on domestic terror may finish the job. Kent McManigal has some good advice on knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

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