The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 11-18-2020

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The accusation of cult-like thinking used to be a pretty serious slight. But what happens when cultish behavior becomes a societal norm? Bretigne Schaffer has a thought-provoking letter to her future grandchildren that illustrates our situation perfectly.

There's a technological game of whack-a-mole going on right now. What few people seem to realize is that we are the rodents and Silicon Valley is holding the mallet. Tim Hartnett has a fascinating essay on how Big Tech is using its influence to shape our access to the truth.

Defenders of the lockdown mentality have taken to shouting "SCIENCE!" with a fervor that would impress Thomas Dolby. Micha Gartz asks the question that has crossed many of our minds: Does science really demand that bars and restaurants close in order to keep us "safe"?

Those who insist on turning over responsibility for our lives to the self-appointed "experts" have forgotten one of the great truths of personal liberty: Regular people can and have been solving America's problems from the bottom up for as long as our nation has existed. We need to stop underestimating ourselves and outsourcing our responsibilities.

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