The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 11-19-2020

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Mass media tends to treat the current exodus from social media giants like Facebook and Twitter as an aberration. James Czerniawski from Libertas Institute explains how it's actually a great example of using the market rather than government counter to the bias of Big Tech. His own success story is noteworthy.

The documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix does a magnificent job of illustrating how social media can manipulate us. Adam Taggart has a great article on weapons of mass deception and how politicians and marketers are hacking our psychological vulnerabilities.

A good measure of the sickness psychosis that has taken hold in our society can be witnessed in the tendency to believe that anyone who contracts Covid was behaving irresponsibly or even criminally. Robert E. Wright emphatically makes the case that getting Covid is not a crime.

One of our biggest current dividing factors is the friction between those who trust the election results and those who don't. For those who are too ideologically entrenched to risk a broader perspective, John Howting has a great illustration of what they're missing. He asks us to consider what we'd think if the shoe was on the other foot.

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