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Anytime you hear someone proclaim that "the science is settled" you can be certain that it's not. As Kent McManigal explains, that kind of dogmatic declaration is a sure indicator that you're dealing with a type of religion rather than authentic science.

Of all the voices vying for our attention these days, relatively few of them offer the kind of substance that Jordan Peterson does. Jon Miltimore explains why Peterson's message is drawing such huge audiences.

One of the most disturbing signs of the times can be seen in the tendency to criminalize childhood independence. Lenore Skenazy makes the case that Child Services shouldn't be bothering moms who let their kids walk home from school.

If you're not familiar with permissionless innovation, it's a subject with which you should spend some time. Art Carden has a marvelous example of how it blesses our world in ways we hadn't expected. He shares the story of rock and roll legend Joan Jett and a career that never would have happened had she waited for permission.

The popular narrative these days is that Donald Trump is being a sore loser by challenging the results of an election that did not go his way. Paul Gottfried has an interesting take on the virtues of being graceless in the face of opponents who themselves have been the sorest of losers and poorest of winners.

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