The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 2-17-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


One of the toughest aspects of being a wrongthinker is coming to grips with being perceived as a radical by the people around you. Isaac Morehouse has a powerful and liberating take on being radical. This is really solid advice.

The biggest downside of having awakened to the gravity of our situation (as opposed to being "woke") is that it's almost impossible to close your eyes and go back to being ignorant. Jeff Minnick describes the dimming of the IQ of America and why it's happening.

A good example of the kind of deliberate dumbing down of the populace can be seen in efforts to erase the past and to rewrite history as viewed through a culturally Marxist filter. Lee Brown has an article about how "woke" English teachers across the country are beginning to call for purging Shakespeare from their curriculum in the name of being inclusive.

My days of yelling at the TV during the evening news are long over. But the frustration with the spin, agitprop and disinformation remains. This is particularly true with the false and exaggerated claims still being spread by our corporate media regarding the January 6 clash at the Capitol. Glenn Greenwald explains how insisting on factual accuracy doesn't make you an apologist for the protestors.


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