The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 2-19-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Once upon a time, the rule of law was part of what made America exceptional among the world's nations. Today, however, we live under a pro-tyranny legal system. Martin Armstrong has a fascinating breakdown of why this is so and what we might do about it.

Political cartoonists were the original meme makers. More and more, satire and lampooning of officialdom are becoming the only ways in which we are allowed to critique those in power. As Anders Koskinen explains, even that might be changing as diversity among political cartoonists is becoming an issue.

What is the greatest fear of those who would rule us? Jeff Minnick says it's the fear that we have caught on to their manipulations and that we are beginning to see through their corruption and opportunism.

The sense that our freedoms are steadily slipping through our fingers is pretty hard to deny. Now, we're left with the question of what do to about it. Jacob Hornberger explains that a return to the principles and practices of liberty requires that we clearly distinguish between mere reforms and strictly limiting the power of the state.

You've heard the phrase "vote with your wallet" as it applies to supporting or boycotting a particular business. Interestingly, it also has relevance in our efforts to perpetuate and defend freedom. This is especially true when it comes to supporting sites that provide value to us through the dissemination of credible information. Free isn't freedom.


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