The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 2-23-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Eric Peters joins me for a conversation about current events. One of the questions we examine is why so many people choose not to see what is happening right before them.

The essence of wrongthink is found in independent thought. Unfortunately, a sizeable portion of society is more comfortable with a hive mind or collective approach. Few people summed up this difference as eloquently as the late Joseph Sobran did.

Once we are on the path to thinking for ourselves, we have a duty to share what we know with those who are searching. Annie Holmquist underscores the importance of arming our children for the battle of pre-packaged thinking.

Paul Rosenberg's latest essay on logical fallacies is worth your time. He explains the appeal to binaries and how to recognize it and counter it in your discussions.


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