The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 2-25-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


We tend to underestimate how dangerous political power actually is. That's why Bill Sardi says the main lesson we learned over the past year is: Politicians shouldn't be managing pandemics–they will bend science to fit their political objectives.

Here's another question to ponder: who owns your face? Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why decisions about what your face looks like are protected by substantive due process.

Why does it seem like the ramp up to a war against "extremism" seem to be aimed at anybody who believes in individual autonomy? Aaron White says it's because it's really an attack against non-conformity.

If you're not down with living your life as a politically correct label, Jeff Minnick has some very good advice. He says throw those labels in the trash where they belong and stop listening to the people who are so eager to apply them to others.


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