The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 2-4-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Why is big tech taking such an open stance against, rather than for, freedom of speech? Thomas L. Knapp has been covering internet freedom issues for years and he has a compelling explanation: Big tech is playing Monopoly, and it's going to lose.

Big tech has improved our lives in so many ways. Unfortunately, they've also managed to partner with the security state in ways that we're now just beginning to understand. Ivan Eland has a great article on why this form of crony capitalism is a huge mistake.

The war on dissent is picking up speed with a new, and official, push to address what some politicians are calling "domestic terrorism." As Philip Giraldi explains, this is precisely what to expect when your national security apparatus has been politicized.

One of my heroes is a young woman named Sophie Scholl. She, along with other members of the White Rose, were willing to speak the truth without regard to what it might cost them. More people should know her story and emulate her example.


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