The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 3-3-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


If you've found yourself wondering how politics can make people so divisive and angry, Kent McManigal has some answers. In a nutshell, politics destroys civility by calling for government violence against anyone who doesn't see things the way we do.

Those who are pushing the "woke" agenda don't seem all that concerned that you and I may not be buying what they're selling. As Annie Holmquist explains, that's because they're focusing their efforts on creating a brave new world of woke children.

You're likely hearing more about critical race theory these days than you'd prefer. Far from correcting actual wrongs, CRT is being used to divide and conquer our society. As Stella Morabito explains, this is a classic Marxist tactic at play.

Texas just announced that it was lifting its COVID restrictions and mask mandates. This is bringing swift condemnation and accusations of "recklessness" from lockdowners. Donald J. Boudreaux shares the story of Vicky to illustrate what happens when we lose all perspective in a quest to avoid something that we fear.


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