The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 3-5-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


The lockdowns are beginning to end around the country, yet there's still a strong push for a so-called health passport. As Jenin Younes points out, you have a right to refuse such a passport. But you'd better prepare yourself for some pushback.

Some of the greatest damage–economically and psychologically–done over this past year has been related to the fallout over authorities deeming some workers non-essential. As John Stossel explains, every worker is an essential worker.

I've been beating the drum of personal preparedness for a long time now. What exactly are we supposed to be preparing for? Life, of course. Kent McManigal has a well-reasoned plea to start getting prepared for emergencies before the next crisis hits.

Kids like me who struggled with math would love to have had an excuse not to have to wrestle with learning it. What a shame my teachers didn't realize that objective math is a form of white supremacy. Kerry McDonald has a great article on the latest madness making its way through the ranks of our current educators.


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