The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 4-19-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Opportunists and power-seekers have long understood that crisis equals opportunity. Now that the panic is beginning to subside, the opportunists are losing their sway over the public. Brandon Smith warns that now is the time to be very conscious of the next "crisis" that will be used against us.

What happens when we choose to outsource our complex ethical problems to "experts"? Jon Miltimore shares a 75 year old warning about the dangers of being told to "follow the science."

We all thought the world was going to be a better place after eliminating the hidden racism in Dr. Seuss books and on syrup bottles. Nope. The "woke" crusade has only intensified. Where does this kind of absolutist, enemy-driven thinking lead? Robert Bridge explains how "cancel culture" mentality sets the stage for genocide.

If you've been feeling like the pandemic restrictions will never be lifted, take heart! One by one, school districts in my home state of Utah are starting to back off from the mask requirements for all students. Some, however, are digging in their heels and may need firm but peaceful pressure to reconsider.


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