The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 5-6-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Last night I worked my last shift at the neighborhood convenience store where I took a part time job to help make ends meet. I've been astonished at how hard this particular business has struggled to fill job openings. People would rather wait for a government check with their name on it than get a job. Ryan McMacken has a solid explanation of how trillions in newly printed money has created a labor shortage.

To revel in wrongthink isn't about being contrarian. It's about embracing the necessity of speaking the truth–especially when it is difficult or dangerous to do so. CJ Hopkins has a worthwhile piece on the criminalization of dissent and how to resist it.

Something wrongthinkers learn very early on is to stop seeking safety and approval in the crowd. Allan Stevo has a marvelous essay on how uniformity makes us into animals and machines.

Ever so slowly, societies are beginning to come to their senses and relinquish the fear that has driven so much of the Covid restrictions. Charles C.W. Cooke explains how COVID zealotry is slowing the nation's return to normal and why we ought not squander this opportunity to reclaim our rights.


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